Hanshi Dux is a certified Master in a number of martial disciplines. His mentors have included:

  • Senzo “The Tiger” Tanaka
    Asia’s infamous Kumite Legend, whom Ian Fleming based his character “Tiger Tanaka” upon in his book “You Only Live Twice” – as Ian Fleming was a Deputy Director for MI5, while Kushinige Tanaka’s family spearheaded Japan’s spying activities in England, (circa 1930’s); as documented in Kampai Tai, The History of The Japanese Secret Service, Japan’s Imperial War Museum Records, etc. Ian Fleming was renowned for basing his characters on real people, e.g. “M” stood for whom MI5 Deputy Director Ian Fleming served under, Admiral Menzies – Director of British Intelligence.
  • Jack Seki
    Seki is the former U.S.A. Jujitsu champion. He was raised and trained in Japan by the legendary founder of Judo, Professor Jigaro Kano.
  • Charles B. Fisher
    Fisher founded the YMCA Karate program. He trained under Yamaguchi and Grandmaster Pai. In the United States, Fisher has been a leading authority and icon for the martial arts since the ’60s.
  • Bill Ryusaki
    Whom aside from being his close friend he was a teacher to Bruce Lee,
    Benny “the Jet” Urquidez World Kickboxing Champion, Cecil Peoples and other martial art greats.
  • Ed Parker
    Parker is considered the “Father of American Karate.” He instructed many celebrated martial artists including: Bruce Lee, Danny Inosanto, Mike Stone, Al Tracy, and Elvis Presley.
  • Colonel Rex Applegate
    Colonel Applegate, an OSS Officer, co-founded the World War II combat fighting systems. His methods are still used today by special forces units worldwide.