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Frank Dux A Pop Culture Icon

"Separating Fact From Fiction"

Frank William Dux (pronounced “dukes”) was born in Toronto, Canada on April 6, 1956. The son of Holocaust survivors, he immigrated to the United States in 1963. While he grew up impoverished in the California San Fernando Valley, Frank Dux is now based out of Seattle, Washington [1] , a prominent international business entrepreneur and spokesperson that visibly interacts with world leaders and captains of industry. Comparatively, akin to his mentor, FBI/CIA operative turned Howard Hughes "alter ego," Robert Aimes Maheu [2]  Perhaps, attributable to Mr. Dux similarly extraordinary experiences as uncovered with his autobiography, The Secret Man, HarperCollins, 1996. [3]


Philanthropic accomplishments include being amongst the founders working with law enforcement and board of education members to identify and institute after school programs for special needs and at risk children [4] . 


Esteemed members of the International Martial Art and Sports Community (i.e. NTSA, USA Martial Art Hall of Fame, California Youth Karate Association, KidSport America, etc.) sponsor THE FRANK DUX FELLOWSHIP AWARD.  The recipient selection criteria is judged and based upon an individual's sacrifices made in helping others and/or overcoming adversity by which to inspire and lead others in service to their country, industry, sport and community, as achieved by "Living Legend" Frank Dux.  The USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame (est. 1976) warrants this award is "The Ultimate Stamp of Excellence in the Martial Arts" [5] . 


Similar to how Harvard business school graduates apply Sun Tzu to Wall Street Frank Dux distinguished himself by having transformed and transcended his brand of martial art strategy and tactics DUX FASSTª [6] into innovative business stratagem leading to inventing patentable business financing and revenue generating infrastructure technologies [7] . Frank Dux stated business philosophy and goal is implementing and championing financially sustainable solutions to social problems. 


For instance, his saving the children of Africa and Asia by strategically aligning business and political leaders in backing an internationally proposed Water Plan directing technological investment and research in Solar and Wind dehumidifiers.  To reduce toxic CO2 in the environment the plan calls for stimulating the anaerobic bacteria discovered in the Barnett Shale.  The result is the very first circle of life between the petroleum world and our own ecosystem producing oxygen and natural gas while simultaneously reducing poisonous green house gasses [8]   Shared sustainable solutions "go green" philosophical proponents and causal allies include former Presidential candidates New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and former Vice President Al Gore, Harvard's President, Drew Gilpin Faust [9] , T. Boone Pickens, [10] Chris Sanders/SANCO and Robert Plarr, [11] etc.

Frank Dux is originally made renowned by the 1988 Canon International theatrically released and syndicated motion picture "Based upon true events in the life of Frank Dux" entitled: Bloodsport: [12] .  The film debut Jean Claude Van Damme who portrays Frank Dux trained in the secret art of the Ninja who honors his "Shidoshi" in the legendary "Kumite" by winning it all [13] and defeating his opponents in world record time [14] . 




The Frank Dux story is described as the "Ultimate Movie of the Ultimate Martial Art Contest" [15] given the SUBSTANTIVE FACT when first featured in the November 1980 issue of Black Belt magazine Frank Dux became the first publicly acknowledged and independently verified western born and trained Martial Artist to have participated and championed the legendary elite Asian no-holds-barred/mixed martial art event, more popularly called "The Kumite".  


Kumite (組手) in Japanese means sparring. [16]


While not a publicity seeking organization contrary to popular myth "The Kumite" organizers, in 1980, the International Fighting Arts Association (IFAA) is far from secret [17] . It is an affiliate/spin off of The Black Dragon Society (Kyūjitai; 黑龍會; Shinjitai: 黒龍会, kokuryūkai) established, in 1901, in China, a formerly prominent paramilitary, ultra-nationalist right-wing group in Japan [18]


The Kumite championship and Black Belt magazine article is corroborated by fight footage [19] , photographs inset in the article [20] as well as prominent internationally recognized and respected martial art masters and eyewitnesses, several appearing in a 2002 documentary [21] .  Culminating in Frank Dux being coined the "Ultimate Fight Champion" from which the Mixed Martial Art Ultimate Fight Championship aficionado's and its founders, like ten time undisputed Brazilian Jujitsu World Champion, Higan Machado, attribute the league owes its inspiration and possibly name [22] , to which Frank Dux is also titled: "The Godfather of Mixed Martial Arts" [23] and whose unprecedented 16 world records and titles [24] holds him out to be referred to as the "Babe Ruth of Martial Arts" by Martial Art magazines and Martial Art Halls of Fame [25] .


Mixed Martial Arts and Bloodsport's wide appeal observably placed Frank Dux at the forefront of pop culture with his very name incorporated into urban slang:


To Be Frank Duxed is:


1. Similar to being knocked out in world record fashion by swift Frank Dux roundhouse kick to the head; 2. It can apply to, quick losses in gambling, fighting, sports games, or rejection to name a few; 3. A party who passes out right after a single shot of tequila; 4. It can also be used in the verb form: "Frank Duxing It," in which the losing/rejection is pre meditated - usage example:  "John really got Frank Duxed the other night, he went all in at poker on the 1st hand and lost with a pair of twos" [26] .

Notably, Frank Dux is inducted into numerous International Sokeship Councils and Martial Art Halls of Fame as a "Living Legend" [27] .  Most endorse the common belief Frank Dux initiated the fashion trend of mixed martial art fighters competing in embroidered bicycle shorts or board shorts as depicted on screen, in 1988, and made globally popular through the film Bloodsport.  The reason for the wardrobe decision initiating the trend is arguably to show off Van Damme's impressive physique but this is overshadowed by the fact, in 1975, Frank Dux defied Martial Art tradition to become renowned for fighting in a Full Contact Kumite event in embroidered bicycle/board shorts rather than customary martial art uniform, inspiring others to follow suit. [28]

What makes this fashion statement historically significant and attributable to Frank Dux is his fighting in shorts is not motivated by aesthetics or functionality but was committed as his form of visible protest, weary of the politicking associated with one wearing an indigenous martial art uniform and then being subjected to hearing if one prevailed or were defeated "This style is better than style rhetoric;" [29] Dux advocating "The true spirit the Kumite (No-holds-barred/Mixed Martial Arts) is founded upon the observable fact that victory is not determined by any one particular martial art style but by the execution of it by the participant." [30]  

Thus, Frank Dux played a pivotal role in breaking down centuries of prejudice since until the 1980 publicizing of Dux rein as IFAA/Kokuruykai undefeated World Champion anyone not Asian and, in terms of Japanese martial arts not "Koryu¯" (古流) (traditional Japanese martial art established prior to Meiji Restoration), is generally thought of as being, "inferior."  

During his rein as Champion, Frank Dux was nicknamed by the Chinese audience "Fa Ma" (trans. "The Flying Horse") given his incredible hang time and defining trait of making use of one of any number of powerful jumping kicks by which to finish off his opponents as they were falling, Dux trademark [31] . The high flying kicks were adapted for Bloodsport by Jean Claude Van Damme who is trained for the role and choreographed by Frank Dux [32] Frank Dux figuratively launching Van Dammes film career and returning to rely upon Dux talent and expertise in similar thematic films, Lionheart [33] and The Quest [34]



In 1975, Frank Dux entered military service in the United States Marine Corps and in 1999, Frank Dux v. Robert Brown, Alexander McColl, Larry Baily and Soldier Of Fortune Magazine, Case No: BC198883, Superior Court Of California, Los Angeles County, through a case of Libel and Slander, it becomes a matter of public record Frank Dux is discharged an intelligence specialist [35] . 


Exhibits and testimony made under penalty of perjury support the martial art legend engaged in the systematic practice referred to as "sheep-dipping" whereby, military personnel are recruited and discharged from active military service in order to perform non-attributable/covert actions who then are repatriated back in uniform, typically, at a promoted rank or are cut lose and whose actions are systematically denied by the government [36] but yet, secretly serve as "independent contractors/volunteers" as is the best known case with the legendary, Flying Tigers [37] .  


Notwithstanding, in establishing his bona fides by way of exposing the fabrication/sanitizing of his military service records, as warranted in his book, The Secret Man, obtained and relied upon by defendants, under FOIA, the presiding judge rules against Frank Dux.  He is prevented from prevailing not due to any inability to prove beyond any reasonable doubt what the defendants were reporting is false and misleading but because he failed to meet the extremely high burden of proof on public figures requiring proof of actual malice (what is inside a person's mind) as determined under case law decision of Times vs. Sullivan  United States Supreme Court, March 9, 1964 (376 U.S. 254).and Gertz v. Robert Welch, Inc., 418 U.S. 323 (1974) [38] . 


Speculation exist the court's written decision is in actuality meant to mask the real reason which is a matter of national security or concealment of ongoing or past political corruption.  In light of the fact, ABC Primetime News segment on Frank Dux is suppressed by sources outside of ABC Network, [39] akin to the suppression of the CBS 60 Minutes segment expose on Tobacco Industry, made renowned by the Michael Mann film starring Russell Crow, "The Insider" [40] .


The substantive fact is the publication of Frank Dux book The Secret Man, HarperCollins, 1996, transformed the martial art legend into a government whistleblower.  In spite of the anticipated politically motivated attacks aimed at challenging his veracity by him, as had occurred with Lt. Colonel Herbert, Soldier, [41] Frank Dux dared to corroborate Herbert expose of war crimes committed under the color of authority as well as shed light on violations of the Boland and Logan Amendments and the perpetuation of an elaborate "con" surrounding the black market theft and sale of alleged weapons of mass destruction headed for the military regime of Saddam Hussein.


Many of the Dux books claims are, uncharacteristically, denied publicly by the CIA, in 1996 [42] . This behavior had not occurred since the CIA publicly issued a statement of denial regarding its tangential ties to G. Gordon Liddy that resulted in Watergate debacle as well as the denial of its tangential ties to Eugene Hasenfus that resulted in Iran Contra Hearings.  In the shadow of the Bush administration with the CIA justifying and propagating the invasion of Iraq, in 2003, Dux claims are eventually vindicated, proven true, when the CIA and Bush administration are exposed to have knowingly made 935 related false claims by the Center for Public Integrity and its affiliated group, the Fund for Independence in Journalism [43]


In the SpecWar community Frank Dux is acknowledged as one of the great innovators of modern strategy and tactics, a source contributor in establishing how paramilitary and covert operations are planned and conducted by elite law enforcement and special warfare military units, world-wide, today [44] .  Corroborated by the fact Frank Dux is cited as source contributor to notable Special Warfare manuals, including the prominent United States Navy SEAL CFC SPECWAR Manual: K-431-0097 embraced and utilized by Special Forces, globally [45] as well as Frank Dux having served as adjunct faculty member of the Department of Defense funded Multi-jurisdictional Counter Drug Task Force, Criminal Justice Institute, St. Petersburg, Florida; [46] visibly training SWAT teams [47] and is the instructor of SWAT and defensive tactics instructors of various police departments and anti-terror units, etc. [48]






Misconduct of business competitors engaging in trade libel is nothing new to Frank Dux. In the early 1980's, like many other very closed circle practitioners of Ninjitsu he is a critic of and bares witness to the rise of the rabid commercialization of their traditionally ultra secret martial art and society, with the apparent selling of school franchises via home study courses.  Frank Dux became the target of innuendo and criticism in response to his contesting publicly, in 1980, it is not Stephen K. Hayes nor himself as being erroneously reported, but Ronald Duncan of Queens, New York, who is in actuality the first western born martial artist to teach Shinobino-jitsu (popularly known as Ninjitsu the Harvard transliteration adopted by Koga vs. "Ninjutsu" the Oxford transliteration adopted by Iga descendants) in the Untied States [49] .  It is Doran Navon a student of Hayes own Grandmaster, Masaaki Hatsumi, who is a Ninjutsu Master in 1973 to be credited according to Dux to be the first westerner to learn and teach the martial art outside of Japan. [50]

Notwithstanding, in 1975, Frank Dux partitioned from his Ninjitsu family lineage to found the very first truly "American system" of Ninjitsu: Dux Ninjitsuª [51] .  Based in traditional Koga Yamabushi roots and methodology it isn't until 1987, before Frank Dux is acknowledged by members of his own lineage his system is altered enough to be considered truly Dux own invention giving rise to the name change "Dux Ryu Ninjitsu" aka "DRN."

In 1987, Frank Dux takes the title Hanshi (範士 : はんし) which refers to a senior expert considered a "teacher of teachers". This title is used by many different arts for the top few instructors of that style, and is sometimes translated "Grand Master" [52] .  Frank Dux is Sōke (宗家), a Japanese title meaning "head of the family," who may grant his own Menkyo kaiden (免許皆伝) [53] , a Japanese term meaning "license of total transmission."  It is a certificate that is granted by a school, ryū, or other organization meaning that the recipient has learned everything that the organization or school can teach, and is licensed to pass on all aspects of training. [54]

Given the observable fact "Ryu" , means literally "flow" as in "flows from" with the derived meaning of "mainstream" [55] and infers a specific "style" [56] , Frank Dux in naming his system Dux Ryu, he makes no pretenses of teaching koryu bujutsu [57] .


In stark contrast to DRN the franchise brands of Iga Togakure / Ninpo / Bujinkan / Genbukan Ninjutsu are reputedly the custodians of the secret 15th century martial art, selling home study courses [58] promoted as being "solely" or more "legitimate." Observably, this is attributed to their inventing and usage of disparaging terms referring to competitive threats like Frank Dux, Ashida Kim, etc. as "Neo-Ninja's" or "Gendai, Ninpo" [59] . 


In actuality, the brands Iga Togakure / Ninpo / Bujinkan / Genbukan Ninjutsu while they all claim a centuries old lineage are themselves viewed in Japan as "Gendai budō (現代武道)" meaning "modern martial way". The Japanese expression that is used to define the modern Japanese martial arts established after the Meiji Restoration (1866 to 1869).  Notably, given the observable and substantive fact these Ninja franchises make use of kyū and dan rankings.  These rankings replaced the various certificates awarded within koryū. Another important determining factor is Gendai budō generally do not contain the same strong entrance oaths and rituals as koryū, such as the keppan ("blood oath") and do not posses colored belt ranking, an invention of the founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano (嘉納 治五郎) 1860–1938 [60] . 


In addition, while the Nihon Kobudo Shinkokai honored Bujinkan soke Masaaki Hatsumi for his cultural contributions for Japan, it becomes overtly obvious Iga Togakure / Ninpo / Bujinkan / Genbukan and Dux Ryu Ninjutsu are NOT koryu.  Given the overt fact no "Ninja" martial art organization has been formally integrated into the major koryu organizations, in Japan, the Nihon Kobudo Shinkokai and the Nihon Kobudo Kyokai, that have very strict standards regarding authenticity and verification of one's lineage [61] .  


Notwithstanding, with the advent of the internet cultish Iga Togakure / Ninpo / Bujinkan / Genbukan Ninjutsu "disciples" perpetuate a monopolistic myth of "sole authenticity" by way of establishing and operating websites that specifically allege to be "debunkers" of martial art fraud. But instead, insulating themselves from prosecution behind unknown bloggers, they chiefly benefit by way of withholding material facts by which to facilitate trade libel of their "Neo-ninja" competitors [62]


To this extent, columnists and broadcast journalists take note of unethical and rampant tabloid types of attacks of persons operating behind an alias dubbed "keyboard warriors" who often point in the direction of sources that contest Frank Dux accomplishments (e.g. Johnson, John (1988-05-01) "NINJA: Hero or Master Fake? Others Kick Holes in Fabled Past of Woodland Hills Martial Arts Teacher", Los Angeles Times. Valley Edition, Metro / "Full Mental Jacket" in Soldier of Fortune, August 1996; / Bailey, Larry. "Stolen Valor: Profiles of a Phony Hunter" in Soldier of Fortune, November 1998 / B.G. Burkett & Glenna Whitley, Stolen Valor; Verity Press Inc.) while deceptively failing to mention the material fact these sources were exposed in a courts of law to lack for journalistic objectivity and fairness, overtly intent on inciting others by engaging in name calling, manufacturing and/or repeating highly inflammatory FALSE AND MISLEADING unsubstantiated allegations; citing only Dux business competitors as their experts, quoting alleged witnesses out of context and juxtaposing statements of others in order to render an entirely different meaning. Going so far as to hold up FABRICATED PHYSICAL EVIDENCE as credible and most significant, concealing, how they STOOD TO BENEFIT [63] [64] [65] [66] [67] [68] [69]


It is factually observable with Dux not content to be custodian of 15th century martial art style, as does his counterpart Masaaki Hatsumi, this created a controversial paradox for the DRN system and himself, given his derivative Ninja style DRN, arguable, is what traditional Ninjitsu set out and professes "in principal" to be.  In essence, flexible by which to avoid obsolescence; consistently changing and adapting. Not steeped and bogged down in tradition or ritual as were the Ninja's initial employers/patrons, the Samurai bound by Bushidō (武士道) meaning "Way of the Warrior", a Japanese code of conduct and a way of the samurai life, loosely analogous to the concept of chivalry.  


It is necessity that gave rise for the invention of the martial art forms that comprise Ninjitsu; where their practitioner's employment begins as a feudal Japanese version of the CIA [70] , also known as Suppa, Rappa, Shinobi [71] and eventually transcended into becoming the secret intelligence societies The Genyosha (Black Ocean) and Kokuryukai (Black Dragon) and military intelligence arm of Imperial Japan, Kempei Tei [72] .  


Frank Dux "Ninja" lineage includes connections to Fujita Seiko author of a book called "Ninjitsu Hiroku" (trans. "Ninjitsu In depth") written in 1936, 30 years before his death, in 1966, and decades before Japan's own ninja boom.  It is the earliest documented record of Fujita inheriting the Koga Ryu Wada Ha system as its 14th Sōke (宗家) [73] - a Japanese term that means "the head family [house] [74]  


Frank Dux most documented affiliation is with the ancestral line of Tanaka [75] that includes Kunishige Tanaka, a Kempei Tei agent whose existence and credentials are independently verified by the Imperial War Museum Archives of Japan and mentioned in reference books, notably, published years after the revelation was made by Frank Dux. [76]  


Novelist Ian Fleming is the former Deputy Director of Britain's Military Counter-Intelligence Service (MI5) and arguably made use of the character's name "Tiger Tanaka" in paying homage to Kunishige Tanaka, who is Fleming's counterpart, as station chief for Kempei Tei, in London.  The actual demeanor and character traits of Fleming's Tiger Tanaka is based upon Tarao Saito, Editor in Chief, Asahi Shibune, "This is Japan", a personal friend of Fleming [77]


In addition, Frank Dux first formal martial art instructor, former USA Jujitsu Champion, Jack Seki, [78] had ties to masters of Ninjitsu.  Jack Seki was born and raised in Japan and before setting out and teaching on his own, in 1934, [79] he is trained in Jujitsu and Judo by the founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano. Seki is also a personal friend of Kano's younger brother.  All are longtime personal friends of Hisatsugu aka Toshitsugu Takamatsu, soke to Masaaki Hatsumi soke of Iga Togakure Ninjutsu. [80]


A Martial Arts pioneer, Frank Dux refused to engage in commercializing his system which required abandoning the Ninja's rich tradition of "hands on" teaching, whereby one's prior training meant little in attaining rank in Ninjitsu that has to be earned and then, honored.  In the 1980's many Ninja organizations reputedly only required paying a fee and demonstrate one possessed a certificate of Black Belt in a martial art in order to be a teacher of Ninpo, Bujinkan, etc.


With his pupil Enrique Flores, a celebrated Martial Art icon of Mexico gracing the covers of numerous trade magazines as he is considered one of Mexico's finest martial artists, a Kumite and Kickboxing Champion. Together, they established the first formal schools of Ninjitsu in Latin America [81] .  Eventually, growing into numerous Ninjitsu organizations that are comprised of satellite schools; the most notable being the Koga Yamabushi Warrior Society [82] that gave rise to Ninjitsu Traditional Systems Association NTSA headed by Enrique Flores former student, Francisco Diaz, plus many others. [83]



= = DUX FASST = =


Given the fact, Dux Ryu Ninjitsu is NOT koryu but an "evolving system" Frank Dux formulated a highly exclusive proprietary augmentation technology he calls DUX FASSTª that is put in use by elite Black Ops, Special Forces and Law Enforcement, world-wide.  


FASST stands for Focus-Action-Skill-Strategy-Tactics.


DUX FASSTª is an amalgamated martial art approach that is multi-dimensional in its application and does not replace one style for another since it is a problem solving technology in terms of how one trains in neutralizing a physical threat (Striking, Grappling, Weapon Disarm or Retention) as well as can be employed to promote financially sustainable solutions that can fundamentally change individuals & society (i.e. enlightening and motivating victims of aggression or substance abuse how to end the cycle of dysfunction, etc.) [84] . 


The DUX FASSTª technology bridges the gap between the Conditioned Reflex Response and attaining the desired Practiced Reflex Response, akin to what Japanese martial art masters refer to as "Mushin" (trans. "mind no mind") [85] .



Inducted as a "Living Legend" in multiple Martial Art Halls of Fame (e.g. USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2008, Action Martial Art Magazine Hall of Fame, 2001; Golden Globe International Martial Art Hall of Fame, 1998; World Family Head of Sokeship Council, 1998, World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, 1996, etc.) [86] , several record and verify his unprecedented accomplishments in addition to mass media reference sources, as follows:

Frank Dux Championship Titles

Kokoryukai/ Imperial/International Fighting Arts Association (IFAA) World Heavyweight Full-Contact Kumite Champion (1975 thru 1980) undefeated

International Fighting Arts Association (IFAA) Freestyle Weapons/Forms Champion (1975 thru 1980)

Frank Dux World Records

1975 - Most consecutive knockouts – 56.

1975 - Fastest recorded Kumite knockout - 3.2 seconds

1975 - Fastest recorded punch resulting in a knockout - .12 seconds

1975 - Fastest recorded kick resulting in a knockout - 72 MPH [87]

1975 - Shortest knockout time average for fight career - 1:20 sec

1975 - First to achieve IFAA Weapons/Forms score of a perfect "10"

1978 - First Kumite fighter to exceed 300 matches

1980 - First Kumite fighter to be undefeated with over 100 matches

1980 - Final Kumite fight record - 329 matches

1990 - Chi Kung Tug of War (Standing on one leg) - 66 people, Zug, Switzerland.

1993 - First and only martial artist to break bullet proof glass barehanded, International Martial Arts Festival, Bercy Stadium, Paris, France.

1993 - Multiple Champaign Bottle break, varying heights with a single kick, International Martial Arts Festival, Bercy Stadium, Paris, France.

1993 - Chi Kung Tug of War (kneeling position) - 23 people. Lausanne, Switzerland.

1993 - Bottle break (vertical palm heel) - International Martial Arts Festival, Bercy Stadium, Paris, France [88] , [89] , [90] , [91] .

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