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Who is Frank Dux?

Frank William Dux (pronounced “dukes”) was born in Toronto, Canada on April 6, 1956. The son of Holocaust survivors, he immigrated to the United States in 1963. While he grew up impoverished in the California San Fernando Valley, Frank Dux is now based out of Seattle, Washington. Hanshi Frank Dux, AKA “Shi Chang Gui” (his Shaolin name), is described by some as Trevanian’s real life “Shibumi,” whose martial arts feats form the basis of the cult classic film, “Bloodsport.”

Today, Frank Dux is an entrepreneur, facilitator, innovator and leading international relations consultant who works with head heads of state and captains of industry — a result of his building relationships and trust between allies and enemies alike during the Cold War. His activities required utmost discretion in investigating highly complex matters that pose a clear and present danger to stabilization and improvement of relations between rival industries and nations. His martial arts schools were a cover for his movements abroad during the 1980s.

A current endeavor is his acting as an emissary for the people of Mongolia via his Executive Production of “No Right To Die.” The movie depicts the first time the Mongolian People will have an autonomous voice in how their national identity is portrayed in the international film community. Its importance warranted a visit to the set by then President George W. Bush see: www.norighttodie.com.

The 1996 HarperCollins book, The Secret Man: An American Warrior’s Uncensored Story, featured on a Geraldo Rivera Live telecast, unveils Frank Dux as one of the world’s finest covert operatives.

Major General Anatoly Korneinko, issuing an official statement as the official spokesperson of military authority of Ukraine, described Frank Dux as “The Hunter” who possesses the “unique ability to investigate extremely dangerous and complicated matters.”

Iran Contra insider Lt. Commander Alexander Martin USN, declared under oath in court proceedings that Dux was a covert operative whose activities are being officially denied by his own government, his real identity concealed from the people he serves.

Rear Admiral Horton Smith, in the documentary “Put Up Your Dux” (One Step Productions/Shoreline Distribution) establishes Dux as an operator whose work is of such a highly sensitive nature that it would require court proceedings to even acknowledge their existence.

Kathy Kolt, columnist of The Artesia Daily, in her July 18, 2008 issue states:

“In 1996, he [Dux] was with HIDTA, High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area at the Criminal Justice Center. He designed strategies and tactics and evaluated their existing training program. In 1997, he received awards from the Multi Jurisdictional Counter Drug Task Force for drug task investigations. He also was sponsored by the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE to teach NEOA, Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association, covert activities. He is an adjunct faculty member of the Saint Petersburg, Florida Criminal Justice Institute. He was knighted in the Order St. Michael, Knight Chevalier, by the Police Hall of Fame, Miami, Florida, a keynote speaker for the Federal Law Enforcement Officer’s Association. He was a source contributor to the United States Navy SEAL SpecWar manual (K431-0097).”

Frank Dux currently is the only foreign national to teach Special Tactics at Mexico City Police Institute, now using his proprietary application technology called DUX FASST (Focus-Action-Skill-Strategy Tactics).

He actively participates in combating human trafficking activities on an international scale and served as a keynote speaker for the 2010 annual Federal Law Enforcement Association National Conference.

In the 1980’s, as today, Frank Dux’s accomplishments and celebrity stand in the way of one group of businessmen (here unnameable) that is intent on monopolizing and commercializing the martial arts field and engaging in unfair and unlawful business practices, including trade libel. Thanks to the Internet, all are now beginning to come to light.

The Amsterdam News Dec 2009/Jan 2010 issues shed light on racism in martial arts as well as deceptive unfair business practices that Frank Dux had to overcome. The AmNews exposed mainstream USA martial arts magazines and book publishers are actually one in the same. The owners publish books by their magazine stars/authors, but under different publishing house names in order to conceal their conflict of interest. They will disparage and fail to mention the accomplishments of competitive threats to their stars.

For instance, because he is not one of their authors not a word is mentioned in mainstream American martial arts magazines of Frank Dux’ accomplishments outside of “Bloodsport,” as the blacklisting and unfair business practices remain in effect in the USA still, today.

Regardless of the obstacles placed before him, as the true World Champion he is, Frank Dux rises above them all. Consider, Frank Dux is described by the man who fought them all: Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Mike Stone, Jim Kelly, Joe Lewis, etc…. former United States Karate Alliance & Professional Karate Association World Champion Victor Moore, who described Frank Dux as “the most memorable fighter” he ever fought, the man he could never beat for which he gave him the title “Ultimate Fight Champion” used in promoting Bloodsport from which the UFC gets its name, says Gracie family member and UFC founder, Higan Machado, in a 2002 corporate fund raising documentary.